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Script: Copy / Paste Material and Mapping in 2 clicks!



At Kotiger Visuals we always looking for ways to speed up our workflows without compromising the quality of the images. That why we try to automate as many routine operations as possible through MaxScript, usage of templates, libraries and so on.

Today we'd like to share one of our studio scripts - a simple yet efficient tool that will save your time when texturing the scene: just select an object with material & mapping, copy it, select a target object and apply material only, material & mapping or duplicate of material - all without opening material editor.

How it works?

After installation you’ll find a number of macropscripts each responsible for a different action:

Copy: MAT+UVW - copies material and mapping

MAT - applies material ONLY

MAT+UVW - applies material  + mapping

MAT-D - applies material duplicate and opens SME with it ready to be adjusted

MAT-D+UVW - applies material duplicate + mapping and opens SME with it ready to be adjusted

Attention: if target objects have UVW modifiers applied to them they will be deleted when using MAT+UVW or MAT-D+UVW scripts.

See all scripts in action in the video:


Simply run the script. Find installed macroscripts in Customize Users Interface - Toolbars - Category: Kotscript. Create new toolbar and drag selected macroscripts to it.

Download the script

Download it here or from the ScriptSpot. We hope it’ll help to improve your workflow. More to come!